Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Secrets of Sunset Valley Episode 3

Secrets of Sunset Valley Episode 3- Disobeying (Jon Greyton)

Things were weird now that I knew Kyle had taken into consideration me not being his real father. I didn't know what to do. Should I try to comfort him or let him be? Things were just so confusing. Why did El have to do this- I can't believe I actually listened to them. Man, I'm stupid. I need to set things straight. And there's only one way how I can...

Wow. So those are his parents. I scribbled their names on a piece of paper, unsure of who they exactly were. Although the names did seem oddly familiar. I went into his vacant room and left the note on his bed for when he came homes. That is- if - he comes home. 

Not completely exhausted, I decided to try and get some work done, so I paced over to my awaiting laptop. Several minutes into my work I received a mysterious e-mail from "Unknown." I oblidged and opened the message, rage pierceing through my veins.

You tell, you die
I'm watching you
Oh El. You think you're gonna get me this time? Think again.

(Kyle Greyton)

I arrived home late that night, still not satisfied with the horrid news my father had provided. The moment I walked in the door, I could tell my father was asleep due to his heavy snoring. I shuffled into my room quickly and the moment I opened the ajar door I saw a note. It was attached to my window. Curious, I strutted over and ripped it off.

Her mother is pregnant
Your mother is unkown
Or is she
Who's "her"? Could it- could it be Hanna? Hanna. A broad smile spread across my face and my heart skipped a beat. I liked her so much it was hard to put into words. She was amazingly perfect, she's what kept me living. But her mom couldn't be pregnant, and besides, who discovered who my mom was? God El, you're annoying. Very annoying.

(Hanna Samson)

"Mum?" I questioned as I jerked open the front door. No answer. Then what were lights doing on so late at night? As I threw my purse on an armchair nearby, a sudden noise echoed throughout the entire house. The sound of vomit covering the bottom of a toilet, to be exact. I broke into a jog as I headed for the bathroom, praying everyone was all right and that it was just a bug that would pass in a few hours.

"Oh my gosh! Mom, are you okay?" I inquire worriedly.
"I'm fine Hanna," my mom replys, getting off of her knees and closing the toilet.
"What's up?" I interrogate.
"Must of been something I ate."
"Let's hope it passes," I remark, turning around to travel to my bedroom.
"Wait, Hanna-"
"Yeah, mom?"
"About work..." she begins, taking a deep breath. She shakes her head as if she makes an internal decision. "It's gonna be pretty hectic this week, so I need you to look out for Tori, okay?"
"Nothing new there."
"Good. Now get to bed kiddo."
"Mom, I'm 17, I'm not a kid."
"That's what they all say."

Just as I'm about to turn the corner out of the bathroom, Tori comes along and taunts, "How's Kyle? You know, your lover."
"Please, like he'd fall for a 10 year old," I retort.
"Whatever, you'll be sorry."
"Sure I will."
"Don't even go there with me, because-"
Her comeback was cut short due to the crashing of glass. And it wasn't quiet. It sounded as if someone had broken a window. I shielded myself as Tori let out a shrill scream. Directly after the shattering, a loud thud sounded and the ground shook for a moment or two. Who was in our house?