Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Spirit Task Number 1

So I'm currrently in a really crappy mood because I just received my science quiz back and I got a 75. Blah. I know. Normally I'd be okay with getting this unusual bad grade, because I'd have time to do other work that would help boost my grade up. But unfortunately, that was the last grade that went toward our mid-term reports. To help cheer me up I've decided to brighten my Christmas spirit! I'm going to complete 3 tasks that make me feel good about myself while helping others. My first task will be attending a charity tomorrow with my family for a group called the Hole In The Wall Gang. This group holds a camp where sick and disabled children can come with their families and participate in fun activities for free. Hopefully going to this fundraiser will help boost my spirits along with many more!


  1. And be sure to say Merry Christmas and NOT Happy Holidays, Drew. Jesus is the reason for the season :) as the saying goes. Christ is in Christmas, y'know :)

  2. The only reason I said Happy Holidays was because some people are Jewish and don't celebrate Christmas. I just don't want anyone to feel offended.

  3. ....then say Happy Hannukah to the Jewish folk
    It's not offensive anyway :P

  4. I guess you're right...
    But it's too late anyways. :P