Saturday, January 28, 2012

C&C Finale and SNTM Assignment 8

Raibow cats! <3

For the finale of C&C, all we had to do was go all-out crazy and colorful. So I had the idea that Jade was a cat, and she spent the entire day with her rainbow colored companions. x]
My first attempt (above) did not turn out well though...

I kept the same idea, but just tried a different approach. I think the product is definitely more appealing! :)

He looks like he's up to something... XD

Anyways, this last picture is my final product - and I'm pretty proud of it! <3

Trinity continues to grow on me! ^_^
I hate her eye color though... It doesn't pop enough for a model, I feel. x]

For assignment 8 of SNTM we had to show her being Mother Nature, and I went with her mood and appearance being able to control the weather.
I totally hate the final product, but there wasn't enough time for me to redo it. :(
Thankfully, there were two drop outs this round, so I'm safe. :]

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