Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Secrets of Sunset Valley Introduction

So I had to stop this story on The Sims 3 website for glitch reasons, but I figured, "Hey, why not continue it on Blogger? Except this time without pictures." So that's exactly what I've decided to do. Now please note that I am not planning on getting these chapters out regularly, just when I feel I need a break from my uglacy. The introduction and first chapter have already been written, so I'm just going to copy and paste them here for you guys to start reading. By the way, the point of view is the name in parentheses.

Secrets of Sunset Valley- Introduction (Jacob) 

"Look, Carla. The long distance thing isn't going to work now that I'm here in Sunset Valley," I stated flatly. What was the part of "We're breaking up" that she didn't understand?
"But, Jacob..." she protested, "Fine. I should have known better. Everyone said you were just a player anyways." She hung up furiously, leaving me to think about my new life to myself. I sighed heavily. How was I going to adjust? I sat down on the sofa and rested my head in my hands, thinking... deeply.

I was interrupted by the chime-like doorbell ringing. I got up and hurried to the door, hoping it was someone who would help me adjust, or just understand. You know, and listen about your past, for good or for bad. I reached my glass front door only to be greeted my an empty porch. "Stupid kids," I mumbled. I started back for the living room when I stepped on a piece of paper that had been slipped under my door.

Go to the diner and meet a girl
Be gentle this time
Or at least hide the body better. 

What? What was going on? How did someone know? I hadn't told anyone. And what were the talking about? I hid the body fine, and the cops never found me. Besides she deserved to be killed. But, what if... "Oh God no," I worried aloud, "It can't be. It just can't." They couldn't be after me now. After all that I did to get here in the first place. It was all to much to handle at once. Someone knowing my secret, and the possibility of going to jail. Who was this El person anyways? The thoughts stirred restlessly in my head, until I got so dizzy I headed to find a seat. But it was too late. I felt my body hit the cold hard floor, any attempt to stand was helpless. Fainting isn't fun.

The Samsons (Allison)

"Grandpa, is the food going to be ready soon?" my youngest daughter, Victoria, or Tori as we called her, whined.
"Chill," an annoyed Hanna replied.
"Hanna don't talk to your sister like that," I warned her. Teenagers, what an interesting phase. My stomach grumbled, longing for food. "Seriously though Dad? How long does a salad take to make?"
"Relax, Al. It's a-" my Dad was cut off by the sound of our doorbell.
"I got it," I announced, heading for our front door. Perfect timing, saved me from a story of Dad's.

I opened the towering front door, nothing. Nothing but the clean spring air of Sunset Valley, I could tell I was going to like it here. The town was so peaceful. Without hesitation I started to head back to the dinner table, when something white caught my eye. I looked down to see a white piece of paper that must have been slid under the door.

I took the paper, and hid it behind my book, which I pretended to read, in case someone came in. It read:
How's work going?
Stop lying to your family
Can you even afford to take them out to dinner? 

Crap. Someone knows. But who? Who is this El? Why is she/he looking to stir up trouble? My life choices are mine, and no one else's business. Not even my family's. Someone had told, and I am prepared to find out who.
"Let's go," I declared, grabbing my purse and the car keys.
"Where are we going?" moaned Tori.
"The diner. I feel like I never take you guys out," I supported.
"It's cause you don't," Hanna said sharply.
"Be quiet, Hanna," Dad hushed.

The Greytons (Jon)
"Touchdown!" I screamed giving my son, Kyle, a high-five.
"The Llamas are up by 1 now!" Kyle exclaimed eagerly. There was one thing we could actually bond over, sports. Ever since we moved a couple of days ago, Kyle had been a little moody. But that was expected, after all he was a teenager, they weren't supposed to have to move. Not a moment too soon, the doorbell sounded immediately before Kyle screamed, "Touchdown!"
"I got it," I said, unwillingly getting up to answer the front door.

Our glass front door revealed no one behind as I approached it. "Ding dong ditch, eh?" I stated aloud to myself.
"Dad. come look at this replay! That was so sick!" Kyle shouted. I headed towards the television, but not without first noticing a piece of paper on the floor that I almost slid on.
"Actually, Kyle, I think I gotta go finish some work," I said picking up the note unnoticeably.
"Your loss," he commented, disappointed. I headed to the kitchen table and hid the note behind my laptop as I read it.

Does your "son" know?
Take him to the diner and tell him
Or I will for you


No, I can't tell my son that! That was a secret between me and my ex, no one else knew. No one. How did someone find out? Who does this El think she is? I have to tell him? I do? He'll be mad, but he'd be even more angry if someone else told him. Better follow those instructions then.

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