Sunday, November 28, 2010

Secrets of Sunset Valley Episode 2

Secrets of Sunset Valley Episode 2- Romance (Hanna Samson)

"Higher Hanna! Higher!" Tori beckoned as I pushed her on the swing.
"I'm working on it Tori," I implied. Finally, a break from life. Everything here at the park was so serene and peaceful. It was the only place where Tori and I really connected.
"Hanna? Can I tell you something?"
"Of course Tori."
"You promise you won't say anything?"
"Pinky promise?"
"Pinky promise."
"I have a crush on Kyle."
"Do you know? An older boy too?" I teasesd, as I watched her cheeks redden.

"Speaking of the devil..." I commented under my breath as Kyle arrived at the park. I pushed Tori routinely as I watched Kyle wander aimlessly into a light post. I giggled like a little school girl at his foolishness. Immediately he kicked the metal pole with all his might and then went and sat on a wooden bench. "Tori, I'll be right back."
"Whatever," she replied, rolling her eyes.

"Hey Hanna," Kyle greeted as I strutted over.
"You remember my name," I gasped. Crap, why did I say that? "What I meant was... um..."
"It's cool," he answered with an attempted smile.
"Everything okay?" I questioned, noticing he seemed upset.
"My dad isn't my dad. He stole me from a lady at the hospital and called me his own."
"Oh my God, Kyle... I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say! I can't imagine how you feel."
"Yeah, I was looking for my real parents when my 'dad' came home and confiscated my laptop."
"Parents will be parents."
"If only I had parents."
"If it makes you feel any better, I was supposed to have a twin. But they died during childbirth."
"Sorry to hear that."
"You and me both."

(Victoria Samson)

"You. Make. Me. Feel like I'm a living a. Tee. Nage. Dream. The way you turn me on. I. Can't. Sleep. Let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back." I sang to myself as I continued pumping my legs to swing higher and higher. "Hanna hurry up!" As I swung down my foot got caught on a piece of paper. "Stupid trash," I moaned as I got off of the swing to go and throw it away. As a natural instinct I looked down and read the paper:

Some sister you got there
Better start calling him your brother-in-law 
Wait, what? I was so confused. I looked up at my sister. Oh. My. God. She was in a full blown lip lock with Kyle. How could she? I just told her I liked him! I crumbled the paper into a ball and through it in the trash can. Thanks El, now I know who's next.

(Allison Samson)

Everything went perfect. Jacob looked at me like he'd never had a woman throw herself at him before. The couch was just the beginning. We made out so many times there I lost count. But then he scooped me up and carried me into his bedroom. To sum it up, let's just say we put the "woo" in woohoo. Being addicted is so wrong, but at the same time feels so right.

I woke up at about 11 and I knew my family would be waiting for me, so I left his house still in my lingerie. I fumbled around in my purse looking for my car keys but instead found a note. "Not another one of those guilt trips from the kids," I pleaded. Far from it. How unfortunate.

This is a pitty excuse for work, no pay?
Tell the family, or else I will.
I swear, once I get a hold of this El, they will never see daylight again. Ever. If they think I'm telling my secret, they are dead wrong.


  1. I like this chapter. Why?
    Lots of reasons.
    I like it because it's short.
    Kyle sounds handsome, but he's a troublemaker.
    Everyone has secrets-it's kind of scary.
    You know, you're a really good story writer.
    Other people can't measure up to you.
    Unless this story is ghost-written.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed! :D
    Your comments made my day!

  3. Aww, I make your day. *smiles, blushes*

  4. Oh please *barfs*

    Lol jk, you guys make me crack up

  5. Jealous of llllllllooooooooooooovvvvveeeeeeeeee? ;)

  6. You make me laugh, Sarah, ahahhahaaaaa!!! School is on the top of my list right now. Who needs love if I'm not even close to be getting married?

  7. I kinda feel the same way. Although a girlfriend would be nice...

  8. Yeah, a boyfriend would be nice.
    ...Maybe...nah, just had a fail idea. *erases idea*

  9. Good. He shall never know...
    Okay, I actually would tell you, but...
    I'm nervous about the...reaction.

  10. Then don't say it, it's cool. :-)

  11. Oh god, thanks.
    I want to say it, but I have a feeling it wouldn't go over well, ya know?
    How about you guess it? I'll tell ya if your right.

  12. Aww, why not?
    It's not like I'll get mad at you, if that's what you're thinking.

  13. If you want me to know then why don't you just tell me?

  14. Cause I'm a scardey-cat. Now, guess!

  15. Pwease?
    I'll tell you a super-duper ginourmous secret that I've never told anyone!

  16. Nah, I'm good. If you want me to know so bad then just tell me!

  17. *sigh* Drew, I really like you. But I won't tell until you guess.
    Look, I'll even give you a hint:
    All evidence says the same thing.
    There. Now, guess. Pwease? *starts crying*

  18. Okay, fine, I'll tell you.
    It is:

    Stop worrying about a girlfriend! It's way better to be single. That way, you can flirt with tons of girls and not get in trouble. ;)

  19. I'm not guessing. Just tell me if you want me to know so bad. I don't bite! :P

  20. I told you already, buckethead! Look up!
    How do I know you don't bite? *shifty eyes*

  21. Woops! I'm kinda a little slow. ;-)
    And I don't bite...
    Well, only on occasion. o.o

  22. Really? Couldn't tell. ;P
    See? I was right! *shiftier eyes*

  23. If you flirt with a ton of girls they might think you are a player. Doooooon't flirt with every gitl you see....bad, very bad.