Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Baby Challenge?!?!?

Yes, you read the title correctly. I have a baby challenge! It really has no name but I guess you could call it, "The Tanner Baby Legacy" or something like that. I've been playing it in-game for a while now, and I've decided that I'll share some of the experience with you through Blogger! Vaguely, I might add. This challenge does have a naming scheme, and it's after sports. Except for our founder who I lamely named Trish. Why didn't I name her after a sport??? No one knows. Okay, so let's get started:

So here's the baby maker, or founder, Trish Tanner:


Here's her first born son, Basketball, and his father is Xander Clavell:

And here's her second born, Gymnastics, whose father is Connor Frio:

I haven't been following the rules exactly so they have a rather nice house, although it is only one floor.

Trish is always busy on the phone talking to the next baby daddy, awaiting the day when she'll be knocked up again, I, I mean pregnant.

These kids are so adorable, and they're completely oblivious to what their mom does. For now.

Here's Trish flirting it up with baby daddy number 4, Jake Roland, a Social Worker. Who's baby daddy number 3 you ask? Well...

Trish has recently noticed that she's expecting baby number 3, Thorton Wolf's.

I hope you enjoyed this little update/introduction to my baby challenge, and feel free to let me know what you think. By the way, a new chapter of My Alphabetical Uglacy should be up today! It's the heir vote!


  1. *gasp* She had an affair with a married man!

    It would be hilarious if you had twins and named them Field Hockey and Ice Hockey XD

  2. Oh my gosh! I so might do that. Smart thinking!

    *pats on back*

  3. I play field hockey....Not so popular in Cali though :(

    I have an unofficial baby challenge on my game too lol She had like...Idk, alot of babies before I finally just picked my favorite kid got her visa level in China up to three, maxed out a few skills (Martial Arts, Logic, and painting, I think), and got her hitched :D
    Oh...I stopped being lazy and put a profile pic lol

  4. I thought this challenge would be fairly easy, but it'd not turning out that way!
    Nice profile pic! :)

  5. It was the only one I could find lol

    Nah, baby challenge isn't that easy ;)

  6. I used to have one.... T.T Stupid game made my Zombidos reaper people, waaaaaa...

    Oh well, I only got to gen. 2 anyway...1 baby away from gen. 3 D:

    I think everyone would agree...

  7. Lol, the babies have funny names. Will you be adding an update soon?

  8. The babies are named after sports, that's my theme. :)
    This is one of my families that I play when I need a break, so I wouldn't be expecting one soon. Sorry if you wanted one!

  9. Nah, no need. I know they're named after sports and that's why their names are so funny.

  10. I agree, their names definitely are something to laugh at. It's not like they're like the months, where they're normal names like April.

  11. So true! It's actually quite weird to think that things like months and seasons are normal names.

  12. I know, right? Imagine if everything was considered normal names.
    "Hey Desk, what's up?"
    "Nothing much Chair, just being me."

  13. Lol! That made me think of when I was 5. I played with my dolls and kept forgetting what I named one of them. At the end I got so annoyed I just said this: "Fine! Now you're name is Washcloth!" And I never again forgot that doll's name...but now I can't remember which doll it was. Oh well, I probably don't have it anymore.

  14. Lol! Washcloth. :)
    When I was little I was the same way, I had a stuffed bunny named "Bunny" and a stuffed sheep named "Sheepy". I definitely was not the most creative child. :-/

  15. Lol. The strangest thing that happened to me when I was younger happened just before we moved. I was about 4. I was sitting with this baby doll on my lap and I pretended my hand was scissors. I pretended to cut its eyelashes and then came the weird part. I actually did cut its eyelashes! I thought it was magic when I was younger.

  16. That definitely is something. o.o
    How exactly did you do it?
    Nothing interesting ever happens to me.

  17. You met me, didn't you Drew? ;)
    My blanket is 'Blankie', monkey is 'Giggles', Dog is 'Biscuit' and bunny is 'Snowy'.
    And, yes, I still sleep with them. o.o

  18. I guess I kinda do to at times when I feel sad or like I need love (like when my mom yells at me before I go to bed for no good reason except she's PMSing). *eye roll*

  19. Ha.
    For some reason, I never get mood swings and stuff like when I'm PMSing. And...we need a new topic.
    Hey! It's Christmas!!!! Whoop-dee-freaking-doo!!!

  20. How do you get the hearts and stuff?
    BTW, you should make smilies or sometin.

  21. Oh! Cool! Imma try: 3
    It doesn't work! >:0

  22. I think it's because I'm on my laptop. :-/
    Try ctrl + alt + 3

  23. It still doesn't work! >:O

  24. Oh! I know now! There's no number pad on my lappy, so it doesn't work.
    And my lappy refuses to make any symbols. That sucks.