Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover Introduction

Don't Judge A Book By It Cover: Introduction A Differences In The Family Tree

Take a guess at what I do for a living. Stylist? Interior Designer? Nope, I'm a farmer. "Don't judge a book by its cover," Momma always said. And I'm no exception. I've decided to follow my family's roots and become a farmer, just like Ma and Pa. I'm Molly Listo, farmer.

My parents said the economy as a farmer in Riverview was too harsh, so they sent me here to Bridgeport to begin my life. They gave me the most adorable, little quaint house you've ever seen! Complete with an area for me to garden.

When you first walk in the door you come across the breakfast nook.

To the left of the nook is my tiny little kitchen.

To the right of the nook is unfurnished, Ma and Pa probaby couldn't afford to.

Down a short hallway, on your left is my gorgeous bathroom.

If you take a right down the hallway you enter my pink master bedroom. After all, I need to stay in touch with my feminine side.

The first thing I did in town was head to the grocery store and purchase some fruits and veggies for me to begin planting. This is how I'm going to make my money after all.

I'm really falling for Lenny Shutter here, and I think he feels the same way. The only issue is that he has a girlfriend already. Tiarra Angelista.

Now I know what you're thinking, but I'm not pregnant! My ma taught me better than that. Must of just have been something I ate. 

Well that's the introduction! Feel free to comment letting me know what you think!


  1. A DITFT, I see lol

    Such nice walls you have *sarcasm*

  2. Aren't they just gorgeous? ;-)

  3. Lovely, I stared at the walls and din't even notice the words you were writing

  4. Now what was your founder's name? What did she look like? Idk, I was oogling at your walls. *Kisses wall* I loveeee you wall, my dear

  5. How dare you! That wall is mine! We're engaged!

  6. *gasp* You're engaged to another woman?! *slaps Drew*

  7. Only if a wall is considered a woman. o.o

  8. Would you rather have a BOY wall?! 0.0

  9. The wall is MINE! His name is Tim. *Kisses Tim the Wall* Drew will never have you. Especially since it would make him gay and that is very wrong and I would have to lecture him.

  10. Not a lecture!!!
    *Breaks off engagement*

  11. HA! Take that, Tim! I'm better than Yoooou, nah-nah-nah-nah-nahnah! :p

  12. Yes you are Sarah, yes you are.
    Suck it Tim! ;)

  13. Yeah suck it! Oh no, Tim, not that! O.O
    And you're better than Michael and Barry and all those other failed attempts at finding a boy-friend! (As in friend who's a boy)