Saturday, November 20, 2010

10 Things!

To kick things off, here are 10 things I feel you should know about me:

1.) I love the color orange.
2.) My birthday is November 25. It's next week people, Thanksgiving!!!
3.) I have a younger brother. Sadly.
4.) I ♥ Sims.
5.) I have my black belt in karate.
6.) I like Pop music.
7.) I enjoy writing.
8.) I want to be either an actor, author, or teacher when I'm older.
9.) I live in the United States.
10.) I'm new to Blogger!

Well, that's it for now. I'm thinking about writing a short story later on today if I need a break from studying, so make sure to look out for it! Meanwhile, here's a sneak peak from the next chapter of "My Alphabetical Uglacy":


Interpret how you will! Bet you can't guess right! =)


  1. Love the Late Night hot tubs =3

  2. They're awesome! The Ashleys spend all of their free time in there! Not doing productive things, I might add.

  3. Erm yes....for my Off the Shizzle family Romeo Rake stayed in the Hot tub ll day and all night....As soon as he got out of work as a policeman, he went into the hot tub I had randomly inserted into Town Hall :D

  4. Fight the hot tub addiction!!!
    Together we can do anything!!! ;)

  5. It's just so funny though, ahahaah!!! I click on his portrait and it's like, "Sitting in hot tub". Romeo doesn't even-....wait, I already told too much -_-

    Then they go skinny dipping when your back is turned ;)

  6. My sims ♥ skinny dipping. I'm always canceling out the interaction! Grr... ;)

  7. I usually do, but for once I let it slide...
    It would be funny if for fat sims they called it "Fat Dipping" XD Lol, that's just me

  8. That would be so weird! Yet true...

  9. Hahahahaaaa.... Sim: I'm going to go fat dipping! Other sims in hot tub: Eww, please don't

  10. Fat Sim:*fat sim pulls of clothes* Here I come!
    Other sims: Oh my lord, we're scarred for life.

    To me it sounds like dipping something into a vat of fat.
    I'm a poet and I didn't know it....