Saturday, December 10, 2011

C&C Assignment 8 and Beech Modeling Assignment 7

For Crazy and Colourful, we were assigned a color, and it had to be the main purpose of our photo. I was assigned purple! :3
On top of that, since LM won Assignmen 6, she got to sabotage someone... and she chose me. x]
But I sabotaged her before, so it's all good! XD
Anyways, since I was sabotaged, I also had to incorporate orange into my photo. So being the completely unoriginal guy I am, I used Berry sims. Jade's boyfriend was Renoit (purple) and her ex-boyfriend who was also Renoit's best friend, is Clementine. :)
My game crashed after my first few shots, so I was forced to use the last one as my entry (silly me didn't save...). There are definitely a few things I'd change, like the clutter on the counter, but the more I look at this entry, the more it grows on me.

Now on to Beech Modeling...
Cat spam. <3

This was a really unique assignment. We were assigned two colors (yeah, I've been being assigned a lot of stuff lately... :P), I got Violet and Yellow. Our models' lingerie had to be one color, and the background had to be the other color. On top of that, we were only allowed to use two props. O.O
Oh! And it had to be seductive! XD
I'm not thrilled with my end result (the last picture), but hey, it's not awful either. :3

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