Thursday, December 1, 2011

Acceptance Letter

I got the letter from the Catholic all boys high school...
I've been accepted, and recommended to take all Honors level classes.
Everyone's happy for me. But I was kinda hoping I wouldn't get it - so the school would be ruled out completely.
I know it's something I should be proud of since it's an extremely difficult school to get in to. But I'm not happy at all.
My parents asked me to tell them why I wanted to go to the public high school, but once I finished explaining my dad said, "Yeah, but you're too young to understand. This school is better."
I can't stand when I'm talked to like a baby. And to make it worse, when I went upstairs they just started talking about me behind my back.
Dad: "This is the first major decision he's going to have to make. It's going to affect the rest of his life."
I understand that the school they want me to go to is going to give me opportunities in life. It's going to allow me to get into better colleges.
But what about my happiness?
Excuse me if I don't want to go to an all boys Catholic high school where I'm going to be unhappy.
High school sucks enough in general. Why send me to a school that's just going to make things worse?


  1. Yeah, that sucks. I understand what you dad wants, but YOU are the one that has to go there ... three years? Four? IDK. Anyway, you should make your own choice! It's not fair if you can't.

  2. Yeah, four years. D:
    They have the final say though...

  3. -___-
    I would give anything to go to a school like that. Not gonna happen though so.....eugh....

  4. It's just not the school for me. x]

  5. Yeahhh, I get what you the school I'm in isn't the school for me, hehe....
    I was just too stubborn to see it when my mother told me it last year before I joined it.

  6. sorta...I could get in, but we couldn't afford it. They won't do scholarships for people in my year sooo I'm stuffed >_<