Monday, February 20, 2012

The Simple Life Page 2

Lauren found and adopted a gorgeous stray bird, who she named Captain! ^_^

Lauren's also managed to develop a new way to unclog a toilet... XD

Countless strays come by daily, and Lauren is slowly but surely befriending them all! :3

Since they're broke, Zac took up a position in the Military. He has the Brave trait, so I suppose it fits. x]

Raccon! :-o

...more strays... :P

So eventually I figured out that you don't have to adopt an actual stray animal to complete Lauren's LTW... All you have to do is call up the shelter and adopt one that way. -_- 
Anyways, we got an adorable, two-color eyed kitten named Beau! <3

And here's the scrapbooking page I ended up making for the official entry! :D
Now that Assignment 1's finished, I'm moving on to the second assignment. I have to show their engagement and the first holiday the spent together after the engagement. Since they both have the want to travel to China, they'll be getting engaged there and then celebrating the Chinese New Year. :]

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