Monday, February 6, 2012

The Simple Life Assignment 1 Page 1

I've finally gotten around to the first assignment of The Simple Life! My couple, who should be no strangers at this point, is Lauren and Zac! <3
The top picture is the cover of their photo album! :D
For the first assignment, we have to show their life before marriage and such. :]

Just some random pictures of their daily lives. x]
The last one of Zac looking away because he's embarassed to be in love... ;D

...a failed attempt at an art gallery photoshoot. :P

Deer! <3
I'm so in love with Appaloosa Plains... XD

Adorable stray cat spam! <333
Lauren's LTW is to adopt 6 strays, so be prepared for loads of 'um! ;D
Unfortunately, this one got away before we could befriend it... -_-

The wild horses are so gorgeous! <333

...romance spam... ^_^

Adorable stray dog! <333
He got away too, though... >.<

Another deer... Or is it the same one? I can't tell. :-o


This was such an adorable photoshoot! And they chose to stargaze all by themselves! <333

Some neat pictures of the sky! :3

And the final product! :D
I still need to make another page for the first assignment, though... XD
I'm planning on it being of their first adopted stray! ^_^

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