Sunday, February 12, 2012

Le Raunché Assignment 2

This assignment, we had to show our model on a CD cover that represented her. :3
Since Francesca has a rather tragic past (she lost her parents the same night she lost her virginity), I decided to go with a "scarred" theme. :]
Above are some photos of idea number one... Didn't turn out too good. x]

This was the beginning of a second idea... But it also didn't come out well. :P

Isn't Francesca pretty, though? <3

Finally, my third idea! The one that worked! :D
It's simple but still pretty... Not too high-fashiony though, in my opinion.

Spam! <3

This was what my first attempt ended up looking like... XD
I liked it at first, but I asked for feedback before sumbitting it, and no one was too fond of it. x]
But I saw their points (like how it looks like she's floating because of the angle), so I decided to scrap it.

Here's what I ended up sumbitting! I'm on the fence about how I feel about it, but I think it's at least better than my first one. x]

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