Friday, June 17, 2011

Working Hard... or Hardly Working...?

I'm working hard, trust me guys! ^_^
I know it's been forever since I've updated My Alphabetical Uglacy on The Sims 3 website, and I feel awful about it. But if everything goes as planned, the new chapter should be up Sunday morning! :-)
And then after that, things should go back to normal since next Thursday is my last day of school! :-D


  1. I hate you. Your last day is Thursday! Mine is JULY 15th.

  2. Yikes! O.O
    At least you'll be smarter than me... lol!

  3. I already am.
    And yes, it sucks.

    By the way, don't steal MY sentences!

  4. What sentences?
    And who said you're smarter than me? :P
    I happen to be in all honors classes and made the Honors Society and I've been on the High Honor Roll all three quarters.

  5. First, I said that, a long time ago, on your forum. I remembered it when you used it. Seconly, we don't have honors classes, different schools system, remember?

    But I bet you're not going to Paris! (And if you would be/are, how good are you with French? I bet you can't beat me, I've been going to France every time we could for more than 10 years.)

  6. Well excuse me for not remembering everything people say on my forum.
    Our school doesn't give the opportunity to go to Paris, hence why I'm not going.
    And I don't take French, I take Spanish, because if you take French here it's a waste. Practically half of the U.S. population in Spanish speaking now.
    And I was just kidding... Sheesh...

  7. I'm not going with school ^^
    And I only take French BECAUSE I can speak it, it's a very irritating language to write.
    Spanish? I'm jealous. My school offers French, or German. Since I hate German, it's obvious... And well, Europe, your get furthest with a few words German when in Germany, good English when you're everywhere but France, okay-good French when in France, because they speak hardly any English. -.-

    Wow, long comments FTW!

  8. I'd probably be taking French if I was over there too. It all depends on where you live. Spanish and French are actually pretty similar (there's a French class before I have Spanish, so some of the stuff is left on the board) so it wouldn't be too hard if you wanted to pick it up one day. :)

  9. True, true. Anyway, maintenant je parle fran├žais.

  10. *is too lazy to open google tranlate*

  11. Hehe. It's quite easy, really. Especially if you take Latin...

  12. My english teacher tried to teach us Latin once...
    That didn't go so well...