Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover Chapter 4

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover: Chapter 4 A Differences In The Family Tree

In the midst of my daily gardening routine, Jenny came up and poked my thigh, "Momma!"
Ugh. Hadn't I taught them better than to interrupt me when I'm working? "What?" I spat.
Terry giggled at my annoyance. Jenny then instructed, "Dadda!"
I sighed, stood up from my lettuce plant and brushed off the dirt from my clothes. Impatiently, I followed my children inside.

Laughing, the two huddled around my husband who was gesturing to a painting on the kitchen wall.
"Nice," I commented, hoping it was enough to let me get back to my gardening.
"I painted it for you, as a present," Lenny clarified.
"Thanks," I mumbled, turning on my heels.
"It's of you. You're my muse, Molly," he grinned.
I whipped around, studying the painting, every aspect, every curve. "That 18th century farmer is supposed to be me? Is that what I look like to you?!"
Baffled, he tried to explain, "Sweetie, it's my interpretation of you. It's not actually you."
I didn't listen. Instead, I ran to our room, locking the door behind me.

What was wrong with this family? Couldn't they see I just wanted to be left alone? All I wanted to do was garden, fish, and whatever else was necessary for me to sustain life! Did they really need to go around making me these offensive presents? Why couldn't they just understand?!

In fact, I decided I'd do just that. I stopped caring for the kids (or the little I actually did anyways...) and left everything up to Lenny. This family needed to earn money somehow, and it would take weeks for him to finish a painting that would sell for a mere 100 simoleons. With gardening and fishing, I got a profit everyday, no questions asked.

Thankfully, the kids practically worshiped the ground Lenny walked on, idolizing his every move. I had no issues with that, Terry could do whatever he wanted... I longed to have nothing to do with his life, not the brat that ruined my dreams. The dream of a happy, loving, nurturing family.
Lenny took over without asking any questions, teaching the kids their skills and making sure they got outside everyday and stayed active.

Most days he'd walk right by the plants on his strolls with the children, intentionally, I suspected. Most likely attempting to make me feel guilty for missing out on their toddler terror days... As if that was ever going to happen. I will admit though, I do slightly miss Jenny. I respect her much more then I do Terry, but she's become quite obnoxious and difficult to be around. So I think I'll live.

But get this, when Lenny isn't doing the ridiculously easy job of tending to the children, he's taking a nap! Complaining they drain the energy out of him, from early in the morning to late at night. Ha! I'd love to see him be out in the sun all day everyday.

One evening I was finally able to consume my dinner in peace and quiet. Enjoying each and every bite of my ameteur peanut butter and jelly sandwich, not bothering to think where the other members of my family were. As I got up to shove my dish in the sink, I noticed a hastily written note on the kitchen counter in Lenny's handwriting.
I took the kids out to dinner tonight, to celebrate our five year anniversary of being married to each other. I figured you'd prefer the peace, so that would be your present from me and the kids. Well, that and that paining you despise... Have a great night tonight.
                                                                               Lots of Love,
                                                                                    Lenny, Jenny and Terry
My eyes filled with tears, how could I miss my own wedding anniversary?

I spent that entire night of solitude on the couch, staring blankly at Lenny's in-progress painting. I forced down gallons of ice cream, not caring about their effect on my body. Had I really become that absorbed in my gardening? Were the days truly starting to blend together like that? What was I turning into?

Lenny never brought up the night or its events, assuming I'd prefer it that way. I still felt awful though. But not awful enough to break off the grudge between me and my children. The next day, however, was our little Jenny's birthday, and I brought her to the cake. Hopefully this action reassured Lenny in some sort, exhibiting the ounce of hope that could still exist.

I will say that Jenny did age up to be adorable. She looks just like her father, only with my hair, eyes, and skin tone. 

Of course, Lenny splurged on her birthday present, with my hard earned money, gifting her a new bed. When will this family learn...


  1. Aww I hope Molly can learn to appreciate her family; maybe the anniversary was a wake up call? :)

  2. It's hard not to be able to have more children, but it should make you appreciate the ones you've got even more. I hope Molly comes to realize this.

    You've made a very compelling read here. Can't wait to read more and see what the next generation brings.

  3. I know, Molly just had heart set on such a large family. It's really set her down. :(
    I'm glad you like it so far! I can't wait to see where I go with the story, lol!