Monday, June 6, 2011

Finals and Ohio! :)

Ah, finals week. Filled with studying, torture, and more studying...
Gotta hate it. XP
So today we had our ELA final and tomorrow we have our Ancient Civ. one... So I'm pretty much spending all of tonight studying. Bleh.
Wednesday is a break day, so we don't have a final. On Thursday we have our Math one and on Friday we have Science, but I'm missing those two... :-D
Why? Because I'll be in Ohio wathcing my cousin graduate! ^_^
Yeah, I'm getting dismissed from school on Wednesday to catch our plane, so I'm stoked.
Unfortunately, I'm also missing the National Junior Honors Society ceremony, where I was supposed to be enducted. Ah well, I get to be with my awesomesauce cousins!


  1. Lucky you. I have to go to all of my finals this year, as usual. Let's see, Dutch, English, French, Latin, Ancient Greek, Math, Physics, Science, Biology, Religions Class, Ancient Civ and some stupid class about Dutch society.

    Great. That's gonna be some studying. And all of those in five days. Oh well, I still have three weeks to study.

  2. Well I still have to make up Math and Science...
    But yikes! That's sure a lot! Good luck to you!

  3. Gah, exams suck! :(
    I get them all throughout the year, I've probably done about 30 just this year. (okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but still at least 20...) and I've had 2 random ones I didn't even know about this week...
    Enjoy Ohio though ;)

  4. @Jess: You'll do fine! ^.^

    @Emma: Yeah, they really do suck. >.<
    Jeez! I only have midterms and finals, and then tests and quizzes in between...
    And thanks!

  5. Hmm, I have four test weeks, as they call them here, a year. That is 24 BIG tests, and small ones along the way.

  6. Yikes! You've got it bad!
    I'm lucky compared to you guys... O.O

  7. Why, yes you are. But I get to write my stories while at school :)
    So, the more boring school is, the more I write. If I post a lot of stories in one week, you can tell that school was extremely boring.