Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Just Want To Be Normal Chapter 1

I Just Want To Be Normal: Chapter 1 A Battle For Your True Colors

Married life ain't all that different, I don't get what everyone is always fussing about. Julienne doesn't care what I do, as long as it's nothing illegal... Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts.

I can't help it, Evil is in my blood, what am I supposed to do? Bottle it in?

Julienne thinks I'm unemployed, so she was a little uneasy about how we stood financially. She headed into town to get a job in the Business Career, something she's wanted to do her entire life, but her parents had forced her into Culinary.

Julie's (isn't that nickname awesome? Thought of it myself...) been sick every morning now, and we can't seem to place our finger on the reason why, we just hope she'll be healthy soon. I insist we go to a doctor, but she keeps telling me it's nothing serious. I'm hoping it's just a result of our fun night, and that she's just got a bun in the oven, not some serious disorder or something.

Been working out a lot lately to keep in shape for work, need to outrun those cops one way or another. Ah well, the end result is well worth it, Julie can't seem to get her hands off me... Not that I mind.

The other day, Julie and I were pleasantly surprised. After Julie's yearly check up to the doctor, they had revealed that she is indeed pregnant. Julie couldn't be more ecstatic! She's constantly patting her stomach or watching the kids network. I'm excited too, don't get me wrong, just not to the same extent. Jeez, it's just a kid.

Literally, Julie's bouncing off the walls with excitement for the baby's birth. We've agreed on not finding out which gender our child is, so when she went crazy decorating the nursery, we decked the place out in yellows and oranges. I couldn't help myself when I was painting the rockets on the walls, what can I say? I really want it to be a boy.

Julie's experience with cooking is awesome, I love coming home from "finding a job" to a delicious meal. She says she doesn't mind though, she says it's the only thing she can do to help contribute since she can't earn any money while she's pregnant.

Sometimes when I come home after a day at work, I'll catch Julie on her laptop, checking statistics over the course of the week from the office. The Workaholic in her simply can't be without a task. I always manage to get her off though, insisting that she should rest due to her big day fast approaching.

Trust me, it really is fast approaching! Julie is getting bigger and bigger everyday!

Luckily for her, Julie's boss just happens to be her mother, so she had no problem befriending her. They've also developed a common bound with Pattina's pregnancy. That's right, Julie is getting a new sibling at the same time she's having her own child!

A month after Julie had entered her final trimester, she went into an extremely early labor. Unfortunately, we had no choice other than to deliver the baby prematurely. Julie was in hysterics, unsure with what she did wrong. All I could was reassure her and coach her through the birthing process.

About a week later, Julie was finally released from the hospital. She had given birth to a baby girl, Sarah, who was doing surprisingly well considering her predicament. I went a little crazy after my daughter's birth, I guess I had unkowingly convinced myself that my child would be male. Sarah wouldn't be able to help me with my missions for work. No, women are too "proper".

Julie was instructed to be resting at all times, well, I guess that's basically the meaning of bed rest anyways. Doctors fear this might have been happening, and it looks like it might, but Julie is growing increasingly weak, as well as sick. It's like she has a horrible case of the flu. Whatever, she'll make it through it.

Sarah is the last of my priorities, as long as I give her a bottle when she's hungry, I just ignore the remainder of her cries. But it's not like I'm off doing pointless things, I'm taking care of Julie. However, I got a very disappointing call the other day from her doctor.
"Hi, is this Collin Attribute? Julienne's husband?" he inquired.
"That would be me," I declared.
"Your wife, Sir, is very ill," he began. "But don't fret, there is a treatment. But it'll cost a great deal of simoleons."
"How much?"
"One hundred thousand."
"I don't have that kind of money. And there's no way our insurance will cover that!"
"I'm sorry Mr. Attribute, perhaps there's something-"
"I'll work this out myself," I snarled, hanging up.

I didn't tell Julie about the horrid news, instead life just went on. And when little Sarah's birthday rolled around, I watched as my wife struggled to even hold our daughter to her cake. She gave a tired smile when Sarah gurgled, but simply retreated back to our bedroom where I heard depressed weeps.

Sarah ended up looking exactly like me, If I do say so myself. And that translates into super attractive.


  1. sarah is a really pretty name

  2. Aaaargh!!!!! Cuteness overload!!! =D
    How come your sims always have girls, I find it impossible for my sims to have girls!!! You have no idea how many times I quit my game without saving during Krissy's second pregnancy so I could try again to get triplet girls!!! It took me HOURS!

  3. I know! Sarah's adorable! <3
    They don't always have girls, I get both genderes a lot. Except boys tend to creep up more in my uglacy...

  4. Meh, I always get boys....I got 7 girls on the first gen. of my legacy, and then it's pretty much been 90 percent boys from then onwards....

  5. That stinks.
    My uglacy's pretty good, it knows how to even itself out and stuff, I guess, lol.

  6. Lol! It doesn't matter to me what gender the kids are in your uglacy, it's still hilarious! XD

  7. Where did you got Sarah's hairstyle from?

  8. Sarah's hair came from Peggy Zone! ^.^