Sunday, April 10, 2011

Acceptance Introduction

Acceptance: Introduction A Double Legacy

"Where are we going?" I begged, practically stumbling in my heels as I raced up the hill.
"We're not there yet," Gabrielle, or Gabby as I called her, bitterly answered.
"Really, I didn't know that," I retorted sarcastically. Gabby didn't respond, she simply carried on with our escape and ignored my questions that followed. Something had happened at home while I was at the club last night, and I don't know what, but when I came home she was waiting for me with a pair of one way train tickets. Unfortunately, Gabby had ordered me to depart the train at a different station, meaning we had to run the remaining distance to out destination. I had eventually fallen into a routine running technique, but Gabby was slowly testing my nerves, constantly pieaking over her shoulder every minute or so, as if someone were trailing us.
"Why do you keep looking back at me?" I inquired. Again, no reply.

Approximately an hour later, we arrived in front of a quaint house, the first one we'd seen in miles. "Here, this is the place," Gabby announced, double checking the address with a slip of paper which retrieved from her back pocket. 
"Here?" I proclaimed, a bright, cheery house was the last place on Earth I pictured myself living. 
"Yeah. And?" Gabby interrogated, obviously annoyed with my disgust. 
"It's so... Yellow. You know I don't like being happy, Gabby," I motioned to my clothing, all dark and depressing. 
"That's why I had the builders rip out the carpet in your room, repaint the walls, and remove the overhead light," Gabby informed, disappointed I figured she didn't know her own sister. "Because I know you don't like carpet, no you prefer hardwood. White walls simply wouldn't do it, so I painted them green. Lighting just isn't your thing, so I had it removed. Okay?" 
"Look, Gabby-" I tried to defend myself but she simply hailed a taxi and abandoned me to explore our new abode. 

Reluctantly, I opened the front door and searched the tiny house for the room that would be mine for the years to come. After a brief search I located it and sighed, annoyed with myself. Gabby had told the truth, my room was the only different one throughout the entire house. And she had done it all for me, I certainly owed her one.

Once I became acquainted with my new home, I headed down to the local gym in search of a boy toy. I was looking for anything far from serious, and as long as the man was in agreement, I'd be lucky by that evening. Ugh, but my how the Barnacle Bay men differ form those back in Bridgeport. Where I was originally from, you simply just made your intentions known and they eagerly went along for the ride. Here, it's all about your social standing, wealth, and appearance. One man had the guts to stare right at my chest, and then he walked away shaking his head, as if he thought I was a man in disguise! I can't help it if I had surgery preformed on my breasts a few years ago due to breast cancer running in my family.

Earlier that day, Gabby had wandered off and acquired a job in the Political Career, and she promtly started working on improving her Charisma skill. I, on the other hand, decided I was going to enjoy my life and not contribute to the household financially but better yet improve it's reputation. With the progress I was making, I was predicting we'd have men lining up at our doorstep in a mere few months!

Another favorite pass time of mine is breaking boys hearts, it's quite amusing to build their hopes up and then watch them crumble right before your eyes. Unluckily for this man, my sister's tight savings only permitted the necessary items to be purchased and installed in our home, so entertainment was nowhere to be found. Therefore, I needed to make some of my own.

Moments later of harmless flirting and smooching, I nagged the man to agree to becoming my boyfriend. Okay, well, nagging is an overstatement, if anything he said yes before I could spit out the entire questions. Then, a few seconds after that, I dumped him and he couldn't have been more confused. I left the gym feeling especially satisfied, and I doubted my sister could ever feel that way after working the tiresome hours as a politician.

That evening, when we had regrouped and were finally in the house together, I stopped Gabby while she was passing by and pulled her into the bathroom.
"Listen, I'm sorry for what I said this morning. I just was... caught up in the moment, I guess," I apologized, trying to find a reasonable explanation.
"I don't know what you're talking about," Gabby explained.
"Fine then," I agreed. "But can you at least tell me what this whole thing is all about? Why'd we have to leave Mom and Dad?"
"I want to tell you, Rhi, I do. But I can't. I just can't," she told me, leaving the room with a tear trickling down her cheek.

Days passed by unusually slow, and I found myself going through the town's limited supply of men at a rapid rate. I was strolling around town looking for something to do, when I caught sight of a cute dude who was bringing in a load of groceries from his car. I walked up next to him as he was struggling to shut the trunk, and slammed it down hard in order to help him out. "Hi, I'm Rhiannon Pucci," I stated, playing the new girl card.
"Rhiannon, that's a pretty name. Come on in and allow me to properly introduce myself," he instructed, leading me up the front steps. I followed him into his bare kitchen, and once he set the bags of food onto the counter, I stuck out my hand for him to shake. "I'm Richie Radan," he introduced himself while looking directly into my vivid green eyes. The touch of his hand sent an instant spark through my body, and butterflies made their way to my stomachs. Could Richie actually be different?

Weeks trudged by and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Gabby was attracting quite a few men. Often times, she'd bring them home with her from work or invite them to join us for dinner that evening.

But one night, when I walked in to Gabby's room, I got the shock of my life. "What the hell?" I exclaimed.


  1. You can disagree with me but here's what I think:

    A-may-zing!! Loved the dramatic ending and I can't wait to see what happens next!!! =P

  2. Aww, thanks Emma! <3
    The ending wasn't as dramatic as I originally planned, I was sort of crunched for time... :(

  3. Hey Drew - nicarra60 from the forums or PiB from your followers.

    Hmm double legacy? That sounds challenging.

    I'll be sure to pop by for the next installment.

  4. Great ending! My only suggestion would be to either lighten the orange background or darken the text a tad more. It was a bit straining on my eyes to get through it. But overall a good job :)

  5. No problemo =D

    And the ending was still dramatic, even if it wasn't as good as you had hoped!! And other people agree with me *indicates to comment above*

    Time to go and annoy my legacy family....

  6. Thank you guys so much for the awesome feedback! :D
    I think the text is fine Demenshia, but I definitely see what you mean. I'll look into it if I get a free moment! ^.^
    Yay! So this means another update soon, correct Emma?

  7. very interesting.I'll be looking forward to reading more.

  8. It was very interesting, I haven't come across a double legacy before... I've followed your blog. XD

  9. Thank you! ^.^
    Wow, I'm surprised. There a couple of 'um out there. I have another one on this blog too... if you guys wanna check it out. :)

  10. Hello, you left a very nice comment on my thread and I appreciate it. I have enjoyed this story thus far and will keep a look out for future chapters.

  11. Thanks, I appreciate it!
    Yeah, your thread is great. I've been looking there daily now for some good reads! :)

  12. I really like this story. I'm already hooked!
    I hope you continue it.

  13. Aww, thanks! ^.^
    I really appreciate it. I'll definitely be continuing, but I have to update all of my other stories first. And that's quite a few... o.o

  14. I never thought of a double legacy lol i was going through the legacy fourms and found your post. Once i get my legacy back on track...(had some comp issues) i think ill post it. Im intrested to see how the girls lifes turn out.*promptly bookmarks this page* ^.^

  15. I got the idea from reading someone else's! :D
    I'm excited you're curious- and that you bookmarked! ^_^
    Make sure to let me know if you get it back up and running, I'd love to read!

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  17. I love this legacy, I'm glad I found it! I'll be following this and trying to catch up!

    (:P I had so many typos the last post!)

  18. Glad you like it!
    Post on the forum, don't be shy! ^.^
    We don't bite... hard... ;D

  19. Oh, and it's the only update so far! XD
    I'm updating all of my other stories first... o.o

  20. Great start, very interesting, can't wait to see what the mystery is all about!

  21. I had read this the other day, but couldn't figure out if this was the only post for this legacy so far or what. ^-^; Never really checked out a blogspot so i figured it was just me unable to navigate it, but I figured it out. Great start, really got me hooked I'll be checking in every now and then to see if you've updated, and I'll probably(which means definitely) check out your other stories.


  22. Yeah, so far it's the only one out! ^.^
    Yay! I'm excited you'll check out my other stories! ^_^
    And I'm glad you liked this one! :D

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    I love your legacy and your forum page for writer's with unnoticed stories.

    I belong to a forum called the
    Scribble Hut. It is for Sims 3 writers to exchange helpful tips, give comments, constructive criticism and feedback on our stories. It is also a great place to make friends who love reading and writing Sims stories as much as we do.

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  24. I'll definitely think about it!
    Things might be tough getting more members, considering the recent release of the "Unbound" website. In case you didn't already know, they're most likely your main competition.

  25. I like this so far. It's actually well-written and has some depth. I will say that the background is a little bit blinding :P

    If you have time, please check out my legacy :)

  26. Thanks!
    Sorry, orange is my favorite color. XD
    I'll try and check it out!