Friday, March 9, 2012

GJWHF Assignment 8

*cue excessively creepy picture of Lauren*

So before anything, I tried to do the bonus for this assignment (the entire assignment was prom themed). All we had to do was show a traditional shot with your date.
And I wasn't able to do that. XD
I hated my final attempt, so I just let it be. :P

My first idea for the actual assignment (which was to, obviously, show prom), I was going to show Lauren and Zac dancing while waiting for judging on their ice sculptures. The ice sculptures ended up being too awkward and large, so I abandoned the idea.

My next idea involved club dancing, so I had fun trying to get the two of them to pose attractively together. XD

But in the middle of my second idea, I had a third idea, which was to have them dancing in a bathroom because they wanted privacy. After what you see above, I placed the mirror and realized it was not going to turn out well, so I abandoned yet another idea.

So then I went back to my second idea, and that just turned out disastrous. XP

My fourth idea was to have them in a garden, again looking for privacy. But I, once again, wasn't a fan of how it was turning out, so I scrapped it.

Random: I got a new default skin, and Lauren looks gorgeous with it! <33333

I headed back in game tonight and tried to use some of the new Showtime features to think of a fifth idea, but I couldn't come up with anything. So I went back to my fourth idea and chose one of those pictures. Then I just cropped it and made it black and white because I found the colors too blinding.
All in all, I hate it. D:

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