Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fun with Pets! :3

Hello there! Welcome to my Pets picture spam post! :P
Anyways, I ended up running my game without any CC/mods because of all the issues they've been causing with the patch, so that would explain the CC-lessness. x]
I didn't spend too much time on the Sims or pets, 'cause I wanted to dive right in! Well, here's our Sim, Jane Malway.
(The dress is from the EP, by the way! All the other clothes are gorgeous, too!)

Our horse Jean Malway! <3
Gah! I'm so happy they added horses!

A golden retriever, James Malway.

And a cat, Jen Malway! ^_^

So I get in game, and all of the pets roll the wish to sniff each other. Uh, okay... Knock yourselves out... O.O
(It's still cute though! XD)

For a second I thought Jean was going to knock over the trashcan! >.<
But nope, she was just grazing. :3

Jane letting Jen smell her hand...
(I was hoping she'd bite it. ;D)

Cats + newspapers = too cute!

Jane getting some hay ready for Jean! :)
(All these J names are getting so hard to remember... -_-)

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a smidge obsessed with the horses! <3
I just love 'um! :D

Don't worry Jane, I'm sure Jean won't throw you off! I mean, at the worst he would just kick his back legs up sending you to a painful death! ;D

I'm not a fan of how stiff the Sims look when sitting on horses, but I suppose that's how it is in real life. x]


Smooth, Jane, smooth.

James and Jen playing around! ^_^

Okay, so I bought these rock toy things that I thought were for pets (since they were under the pet category it seemed logical) but the next thing I know, Jane's playing with them. XD

"Hey Rock, wanna be friends?"
"What if I let you snuggle with my boob?"
Jane! That is not how we make friends!

"What do you mean you didn't like it?"
"Ugh! I hate you!"

"Aw, who am I kidding! You're too awesome to hate!"
I can see why... O.O

James doesn't look too amused by Jane's behavior. x]

The good 'ol cat and the litter box pic! ;D

*scold* *scold* *scold*

Jen on the other hand, is a complete angel! :D

Tummy rub! :3
Lucky dog... >.<

I really love this picture of a pair of wild horses I came across! I love how it looks like he was stunned when I took the picture!
Eh, probably me just wanting to be cool. x]

I see Jane's back to making friends...

"Oh you liked that, didn't you? Didn't you?"
*smothers with kisses*
Ew... Just ew.

I'm not a big cat fan in real life, but in game they're just too friggen cute not to love! <3

Uh oh Jen, I think James is out to get you...

Stalking can get tiring, every dog needs their nap time! :]
Well that's where my pictures end! I only played one Sim day, but it was a blast! :D


  1. Love the pictures. I to am obsessed with the horses. Let me know if you post more so I can come back and look!

  2. Thanks! <3
    *light bulb goes off*
    Oh, pet rocks.... *smacks head*

  3. Why do you hate me!? >:( I don't get my copy until tomorrow and you go posting pictures to make me jealous.
    The game and your pics look so awesome! O.O

  4. did you buy a horse ball? my husband (who teases me about my obssion with sims) was looking at my computer while i was playing it and cracking up at the horse...Ill have to post up some pics for you to see lol the horse is just to cute, cause if he has a horse ball he will lean on it and nearly topple himself over! and don't feel bad about the pet rock thing, because i thought they were toys for the animals too O.o

  5. @Jackie: I find it so weird that the have different release dates... XD
    But thanks! :3

    @Tinker: Indeed I did, it was fun to watch! :3
    I really love the horses! <3
    I'd love to see some pictures, too! :D
    Glad I'm not alone. ;D

  6. Yeah. You don't sit that stiff on a horse. I ride horses; I can know it. But whatever, it sure looks like fun!

    I'll have to wait, though. Until a new SP comes out - a friend and I do it that way, she borrows mine when she has something newer, and the other way round.