Thursday, September 8, 2011

Homework and Politics

I'm sorry I've been all distant on the fourms and updating stuff lately, school (mainly just homework...) has decided to become my new best friend. -_-
My dad's political campaign is also heating up, so that's keeping the whole family busy, taking away from my simming time...
So just stay patient with me guys! I haven't forgotten about you! :D


  1. Yeah you totally owe me an apology, I has felt so unloved these past few days :O
    Lol, jk!
    Hope all the homework an stuff dies down (unlikely but I'm just trying to be polite here XD )

  2. XD
    Nah, homework's still going strong... Even on the weekend... D:

  3. Urgh, homework has to be the worst part of school >_<
    I only have textiles work atm though so I won't complain X]