Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane... O.O

I'm currently sitting through a hurricane right now... It's raining pretty heavy and it's pretty windy. Just thought I should let you know.
Also, school's starting up again for me soon! The 31st to be exact! So I may not be on the computer and forums as much, just so you guys don't think I disappeared.
And don't worry, I didn't forget about this blog. I'm halway through with taking the picturess for an update of Your Word Is Law. Talk to you guys soon, and stay safe! <3


  1. Yep. Well, we don't have hurricanes. We only have rainstorms. Like this summer. I've been back for about a week, and we've had one big thunderstorm and no days without rain. Yay for the Dutch weather! *sarcasm, sarcasm*

  2. XD
    That's good, you probably wouldn't want a hurricane anyways... O.O
    They're pretty scary stuff.

  3. I guess. But a summer that ranks in the top three of worst summers since 1901 is not that great either. Especially not if you just came from warm and sunny France...